Our People

They're what makes us great.

Let’s just be frank and say that without our people, we wouldn’t have a business. We recognized a long time ago that a business must be built from the ground up. The people that support that business by coming to work each and every day and toiling away, in what at times can be considered less than favourable conditions, is what makes Hotchkiss Produce work.

Chris, our burly Delivery Driver, came to us having a previous career as a school bus driver. While the job of delivering our produce is less hectic than chauffeuring around boisterous kids, he still has to deal with the ridiculous traffic that is found on the streets of Calgary. While he's not a very smiley guy, he takes his job seriously, ensuring that our customers get their produce in the same state of quality as to when it was harvested. When he's not making deliveries or helping with other tasks around the farm, Chris, while a huge football enthusiast, can also be found writing poetry or reading things of both fact and fiction.

Joni, joined us in July of 2012 and brings a smile with her to work every day. Joni is is one of the people that grows our pea shoots. She speaks both English and Spanish and so is able to chat it up with our fellows from Mexico, which is really nice for them because they can better understand a Canadian’s prospective about the area to which they travel annually for work. When not at work you can find Joni very busy in the community; especially being very active musically with her church chior.

Kim, our office administrator, started in late 2012. She is the person that you’ll speak with first on the phone. While working, for the most part, mornings only, Kim manages to push a lot of paper through the business. She is in charge of accounts payables and receivables so if you either owe, or are owed, money she’s the gal to talk to. When Kim’s not working she’s busy looking after her family, which happens to include a few of the four-legged variety.

Rebecca, having worked with Hotchkiss since April of 2013, graduated from Olds College. Bringing her knowledge and experience, she has made herself invaluable and works with both our tomatoes and microgreens. When she's not working around the plants, she's zip-lining or traveling to exotic places to keep in touch with friends she made through an exchange program at Olds College, Her quiet, yet cheery disposition makes her an enjoyable part of our team.

Wendy came to work at the greenhouses in March 2013. With her previous greenhouse experience she has been working on our pea shoot program since she began and has managed to learn the many quirks these plants have growing in our greenhouse environment. Wendy has raised her family and has given the pottery wheel a real challenge in a previous business that she owned and operated. We're glad that she's with us to lend her business sense and growing experiences. Of course we can't forget her boisterous laughter!

We add spice to our lives by also having some gentlemen from Mexico work with us on a seasonal basis. Through the Mexican Seasonal Agriculture Workers’ Program, Victor, Antonio, Leonel, Manuel E, Manuel V., Mario, Saul and Angel work with us for 8 months each year. They leave their families to come and hand-pick lettuce, dig up and wash carrots, remove stems from crops of arugula and literally spend hours picking beans. They truly are the backbone of our company.

Tracy is a person found to wear many hats. While most of the time she can be found buried under paperwork, she does come out to orchestrate the huge task of harvesting. She’s the person that customers contact when placing orders, expressing concerns and just basically when something is needed to be known about what’s fresh in the garden.

Paul is our quarterback. He is the visionary that continues to come up with the ideas that move Hotchkiss Produce forward. His passion for both growing things and the science related to this process is what keeps Hotchkiss Produce in the grocery stores and fine dining establishments.

This is our little team and you’d be surprised at how much work gets done around the farm. We believe firmly that it is because we have surrounded ourselves with people that share a common passion...growing veggies that are good for you!