Why Organic

When Paul Hotchkiss began his venture in the world of produce he was faced with having to make a choice in the method of growing his vegetables.

There was the conventional way, which used pesticides, herbicides and genetically modified seeds. There were hydroponics or there was the sustainable traditional agriculture method, more commonly known as growing in an organic way. As you know, Paul chose to grow his produce organically. When asked of Paul why he chose this method, his response was “because it’s fun”. What I think he means is that in spite of, or perhaps because of, the difficulties associated with growing organically, he enjoys the challenges of being able to grow a vegetable that is not only tasty and has some eye-appeal but is grown in what can be considered at times an hostile environment.

Organic refers not to the food itself but how it is grown. The methods used are based on a farming process that maintains and replenishes the soil’s fertility. Vegetables are grown without the use of toxic pesticides and fertilizers. Side by side tasting has shown us the flavour advantage of pioneer growing. As a consumer of Hotchkiss produce you can feel good about the healthy approach in which you feed your families as well as supporting a system of agriculture that has more potential to be sustainable than conventional farming. Hotchkiss Produce holds itself up to the highest of standards and encourages you to come for a visit to see how we go about bringing our vegetables to your grocery shelves and dining tables.